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Change your Mind.

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Radical Resilience Institute

What People are Saying about

The Work of Victor Lee Lewis

"Hi Victor, I just wanted to give you an update on how I have been doing since you "cured" me at the White Privilege Conference. Well, I have felt NO angst, stress or anger about my termination from [former employment]. Since the conference I was hired (after being unemployed for 8 months) by a great new organization. I have run into the person I hated to see several times with NO rage or animosity. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what you did for me. I feel like myself again. Thank you so much!!!"

~T.S., Northern California

"Victor I want to thank you for checking in with me. I have a wonderful tale to tell though. My EFT experiences with you and your EFT student, M. have opened a whole new pathway for me to being able to fully embrace the most painful thoughts and feelings I have stored away in my recesses. In these last two weeks, I have found myself, on two occasions, with raging regrets, self-loathing and anger about some things and on both occasions, instead of doing the usual running away, trying to calm myself, be brave, all that horseshit "big boy" stuff, instead I embraced them and verbalized it all to myself until I reached a fever pitch - and then I tapped.

And in both cases, I had an experience akin to being an overinflated balloon that suddenly springs a leak and at the end of that I was just me again - the story and the bad feelings had just leaked away. This is a watershed time in my life. I suddenly have this incredible tool that will allow me to face the darkest and most frightening bits of myself and do it wholeheartedly knowing that I can embrace those bits and emerge from them as from a storm - a bit damp but fresh and clean. I cannot thank you and Marc enough for this wonderful new, life-changing tool that you have brought into my life.

God bless you both."

~J.U., Software Engineer, San Francisco, CA

"I felt as though I had known Victor most of my life although my real experience was in a multicultural education workshop with Victor. During a recess he gathered a small group of people together to share some new approaches to healing trauma. He asked for a volunteer who had some deep issues that they had not been able to resolve.

Bingo ... my hand went up, and Mr. Lewis walked me through the EFT process. For many years I had felt estranged from my Mom, and I was suffering acutely from the loss of that relationship at the time that I volunteered. I felt certain that "I may never be able to get over this." Many told me afterward that I was sobbing from some deep place in my soul and it could be felt by everyone.

After this one short session of about 30 minutes where I went from a deep unresolved pain, to a feeling that the mountain had been lifted and I was free! Fifteen years of counseling had not brought this kind of release. Now 7 months later I am still free and can talk to my Mom from a place of love not guilt or true hurt. If someone had told me that such a thing was possible (as I have told others) I would not have believed it, but I am living proof that it works, Victor Lee Lewis works, and I am emotionally free!"

~ Nina Robinson, College Diversity Officer, Phoenix, AZ

"The Workshop I took with Victor was amazing. I have had more success using EFT since I went. I had read the manual and studied YouTube videos, but it was Victor's class that made the difference. And he's funny as hell. :-) I try to channel his humor along with his instructions!"

~ Phoenix Soleil, Oakland, CA

"I am in awe and profound gratitude for my work with you. Though I have worked deeply and diligently on emotional and physical healing for many years, I was struggling with much anxiety while facing a seriously life-threatening cancer diagnosis. Our work together has helped unearth and release old traumas, given me skills for working with the challenges of illness and facing the possibility of dying, and nurtured hope that -- however long I live -- the quality of my life can be infused with more peace, joy and acceptance.

I recognize the benefits I experience from the tapping work, yet I believe part of the depth of healing I've experienced has to do with the qualities you yourself bring to the work: exquisite attunement, deepest compassion, brilliant insight into the nature of being human along with its interaction with social structures, and easy flexibility to adapt to the individual needs of the person you are working with. I could not be more grateful or recommend your work highly enough."

~ Inbal Kashtan, Co-founder, Bay Area Nonviolent Communication, Oakland, CA

"These learning healing retreats and trainings get better all the time! I'm thrilled that you are continuing to offer them so steadily. Last weekend was a deep learning and healing one for me. It was like turbo-charged processing of core issues playfully and powerfully transforming my relationship to long held stressors. I came out of it feeling more relaxed and easily moving forward on my personal goals."

~ Riki Bloom, MA, MFT, Oakland, CA

"I have experienced Victor Lewis' skill as an EFT practitioner in the context of healing racism where I found his work innovative and effective in reaching deeper than information or even emotional processing can. He also helped me personally after two traumatic events; an automobile accident and a health emergency with my daughter. I experienced dramatic reductions in stress levels and the compulsive "replaying" of the memories. His intuition is extremely accurate in choosing phrases that hit on the issues in ways that I was not even conscious of until he spoke them. And I was surprised by how each layer of cleared trauma brought the next layer immediately into awareness. I would enthusiastically recommend working with him."

~ Marcia Lovelace, Oakand, CA

“Recently I had the opportunity to work on personal growth issues with Victor Lee Lewis, EFT Trainer, at his Radical Resilience Institute training center in Berkeley. Since this work with Victor, I have noted a significant positive shift in my self regard, a profound sense of inner peace, and self-acceptance greater than I had known. Mr.Lewis was masterful and intuitive in his application of EFT, using his expertise as practitioner to help me achieve a clear view of my internal conflicts and to work through the emotional charge associated with them.

What I noted in this process was a pronounced decrease in the emotional tension I carry, a significant cognitive shift in the understanding of my own personal history, and a greater sense of power in challenging my self-limiting beliefs. I intend to continue with this work as I expand my world view and create new possibilities."

~ Hiram Elliott MS MFT, Walnut Creek, CA

"Profound, amazing, relatively painless, and blessed with humor, my EFT sessions with Victor Lewis have giving me a new lease on life and hope beyond what I considered possible."

~ Jeffrey Melcher, M.Div., Berkeley, CA

"Without reservation, I whole-heartedly recommend the gifts of Victor Lee Lewis to anyone who grapples with personal issues large, medium, or small, and is considering or seeking “help.” I feel a deep and abiding debt of Life to this wise and beautiful man, who, peacefully armed with a formidable (and yet-growing, I know) array of studies and book-smarts and street-smarts and intuition and no-BS know-how, capably and compassionately accompanied me through an elongated, ultra-intense, harrowing period of grief, suffering, and urgent life-review.

To make it plain, I didn’t know if I would come through. What’s more, when the thought arises, I sincerely wonder how I would’ve done so, or what might have befallen me, without Victor by my side, pulling me back~ with exquisite care for my Soul, spirit-bolstering attention to the specifics of my story, and a sane, humane vision extending toward and embracing the future~ pulling me back to the Light.

He has endured grave battles of his own~ and of his society~ transformed private wounds into public medicine, scars into altars, to quietly walk a true Healer’s Path. A person may entrust Victor Lee Lewis with all of his or her Heart."

~ SM, Berkeley, CA

"Victor first introduced me to EFT a few years back when he was learning it. I tried "it a little bit and thought it felt nice, like a hypnotic light massage that put me in a mild trance. Then in 2008 I had a severe and life-threatening leg injury and was in the hospital for a month. Even after 3 months the doctors were saying they would wait and see if they could save my leg, ie, not amputate it. I was getting some medical advice saying that I would be up and about much quicker after an amputation (they said I might have only 6 months of physical therapy, versus 1-2 years), and wouldn't have a long painful recovery after the amputation.

I had a lot of support, love, bodywork etc from friends, and one cannot know what specifically helped heal me. In the first weeks after the accident Victor did some very powerful healing work with me to clear strong the fear of death that resulted from my injury, as well as my fears about losing my leg, and fears of making the "wrong" medical decision. From there on out, I experienced slow steady improvement.

Every time the doctors checked me they would be quite impressed at my healing. i believe that the techniques Victor uses helped me to loosen up my fears about all the things that could go wrong and have a more hopeful attitude. He excels at the light approach and will get you to laugh and shake off your fears. I am very grateful and blessed to have had him help me."

~ Ingrid Good, Berkeley, CA

"I am incredibly grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with Victor Lee Lewis. Each session I've had with him has been deeply healing and transformative. EFT combined with Victor's genuine caring, humor, and perspective have helped me to work through traumas that I'd been holding on to for decades.

As a community organizer it is truly refreshing to have the opportunity to do healing with with someone who has shared revolutionary politics and can draw on movement history for analogies and perspective. Through EFT work I've felt both immediate and longer-range positive impacts. Immediately after each session I feel more grounded, positive and strong. I come away from old problems and traumas with new perspectives, options and a sense of hopefulness. The ripple effects of our work have helped me to play a lead role in re-uniting and healing my immediate family and this healing and unity has also extended into my community work as well."

~ Ari Clemenzi, Oakland, CA