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Change your Mind.

Change your Life.

Change your World.

Radical Resilience Institute



A collaboration of Radical Resilience Institute and 

The School of Inclusion + Activism

Victor Lee Lewis, M.A., and Patti Digh invite you to join one or more of their 5-week intensive courses to develop knowledge and skills for understanding and undoing racism. Together, Patti and Victor have guided and facilitated transformative online learning communities for five years. In these courses, we explore how to shift from merely reacting to social crises to creating positive social change.

Each of these 5-week intensive online courses are offered twice on the same day each week, allowing you to choose the afternoon or the evening cohort. See links below for our current classes and to register for either the afternoon or the evening cohort.

More than 5,000 people on 5 continents, from diverse race, class and cultural backgrounds have joined our Hard Conversations learning communities. They include activists, educators, clergy, high school students, retirees, commissioned military officers, college professors, doctors and nurses, and other everyday people have taken these intensive learning journeys with us, since Patti called the first Hard Conversations cohort in response to the Charleston Church Massacre of 2015. Over this time we have continually updated and refined the courses to deliver a learning experience that is intellectually challenging, deeply collaborative, socially supportive, fiercely honest, and inspiring.

The heart of every Hard Conversations course is the 7.5 hours of expertly-guided conversation with Patti and Victor on our live calls. On top of that, twice every week, you also get two big content updates in our online classroom, which you can unpack to your heart’s content, all in managed online forums set up just for the people in your cohort. You will get a wide range of informative and provocative videos, readings, audio presentations, discussion questions, and activities, all to further and deepen your learning. And everything is yours to continue working with, at least 3 months after the final live call. Your learning on the calls is greatly enriched by your having 24/7 access to the course content and learning community.

These courses provide an opportunity to work with a supportive community of like-minded people to deepen our knowledge and wisdom in these times of profound and stressful social change. Each course brings together regular people from many life walks, committed to making a personal and social difference. Whether you are white, black or brown, if you seek company in moving forward in your own anti-racist life, consider taking some of your next steps with us.

    Current Offerings    



www.hardconversations.comThe year 2020, amidst the pervasive collective trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic, was a year of shattering racial violence, including the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd. It was also a year of unprecedented mobilization in the BLM movement and allied movements against racist violence. All over the U.S., everyday people can see that something in the fabric of the American culture is broken, and a lot of people want to help mend it. We yearn for new, more fruitful ways of confronting the American dilemma of race. Hard Conversations: A Deep Dive into Racism and its Undoing is a crash-course on what we need to know and remember to make sense of the racialized social tensions that are rocking society right now.


Week 1: Introduction, Creating our Learning Community

Week 2: Institutional and Structural Racism: Myths and Facts

Week 3: On White Privilege and “White Fragility”: The use and abuse of ideas

Week 4: On Color Blindness, Microaggressions, and Cultural Appropriation

Week 5: On Being an Ally: What Will I Do Next to Help Make Everybody Free?


You may register for afternoon or evening classes at 



“Until you can recognize you are living a racialized life and you’re having racialized experiences every moment of every day, you can’t actually engage people of other races around the idea of justice.” -- Whitney Dow, The Whiteness Project

In this course, Victor Lee Lewis and Patti Digh guide and facilitate an online learning community, where participants can deepen their understanding of the potent myths and facts about whiteness, using a popular education, historical/cultural approach. Learn how to work more effectively with yourself and with others to to identify and challenge both normative and extreme white supremacy — and how and to enjoy this work much of the time.


- Week 1 Introduction, Creating our Learning Community

- Week 2 The Social Construction of Race and Whiteness

- Week 3 The Color of Supremacy

- Week 4 The Making and Unmaking of Whiteness

- Week 5 On Being an Ally: What Will I Do Next to Help Make Everybody Free?


You may register for afternoon or evening classes:


In this period of continued lockdowns, our established online learning approach can be a good solution for professional, civic, activist or academic groups to take together. We have guided groups of mental health workers, doctors-in-training, faith groups, neighborhood groups, theater-makers, teachers and trauma clinician trainers. For more information on registering your group for these events or custom training, please contact us at [email protected]


Tuition for these content-rich, transformative 5-week learning immersions has been kept intentionally very low, at just $99. In these Covid times, even this modest tuition imposes a painful burden for many people, so we offer tuition assistance, if needed. We also have a BIPOC scholarship fund to support participation of Black, indigenous and other co-learners of color. For more information, contact us here: [email protected]


If you are not satisfied with your Hard Conversations course for any reason, we will resolve the issue, or you may request a full refund. Almost no questions asked (we *do* want to learn): [email protected]